Republic@68 – The Language Question – Talk by Garga Chatterjee at Munnota

Special thanks to Munnota to permit to publish this video in this portal.

Indian Union celebrated 67 years of being a Constitutional Republic. It was also a time to reflect on how the current Idea of India looks at linguistic diversity that forms the core of Indian society. The ideological foundations of the “Idea of India” has an inherent centralizing tendency which is markedly visible in the way linguistic discrimination is practiced against non-Hindi speaking citizens of the Indian Union. Columnist and founding member of CLEAR – Campaign for Linguistic Equality and Rights, Garga Chatterjee was at Munnota on 26th January 2017 for a talk on the Language question in the Indian Union. He spoke on the reality of linguistic discrimination, the historical context to it, and the way forward to achieve linguistic equality.

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